Have an idea for a project that adds to the greater good? Need something to make it happen, like money, computing resources, or just someone to help you or brainstorm with you? Submit your proposal to proposal@totalgood.com and we may just give you what you need. If nothing else, we'll give you feedback on your project and connect you to others doing similar work.


Your proposal should describe a project that meets the following 4 objectives

1. Add to the common good
- social benefit
- NPO support
- social services support
2. Contribute to open source
- python
- javascript
- html
- datasets
3. Be efficient (budget <= $1000)
- $350 to $1000 per month
- 20 to 100 hr per month
4. Get it done (<= 3 months)
- summer off from school or work
- retraining between jobs
- contractual noncompete period


In June, 2015, a college graduate with a bachelors in mathematics and a track record of contributing to Kaggle competitions and open source projects was awarded $1000 to spend the summer (3 months) contributing to the Hack Oregon project. 

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