It looks like Total Good has some competition in the quest to add to the greater good. Elon, Sam, and friends funded with a vision very similar to ours. I really hope they live up to their name and the reputation of their founders and open source much of their work. If anyone finds any of their projects on github or somewhere "traditionally open-source" let me know. From my search, and the e-mail correspondence below, it seems they are taking it slow.

Email Exchange with OpenAI

Hi Hobson — unfortunately we don’t have volunteer positions at the moment, and while our developments will be openly available, they're not traditionally open-source at the moment. As things expand though, we’ll keep you in mind in case there’s something that makes sense in the future. Thanks for reaching out.

Matt Krisiloff

On Sun, Dec 20, 2015 at 03:46 pm, <> Hobson Lane wrote:

Hi Greg and Ilya,
I'd like to offer our support for your open-source development projects. I'm a co-founder of TotalGood, a nonprofit with objectives almost identical to yours. The data scientists and developers I work with here in Portland are passionate about contributing to open source AI projects like yours. Let us know where to find your projects that need the most attention.  Ours are mostly in Python and are on GitHub here:
Best Regards,


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