We maximize the Total Good, not the bottom line. As a nonprofit, our only "fiducial responsibility" is to our donors, volunteers, and the commons. When we talk about global optimization we really mean global.

We believe that the most valuable technology for advancing the 99% of the human race is Machine Intelligence. A fish may feed, a fishing rod may feed much better, but a fish-farming robot... now that would empower humanity to do great things. By developing free, socially-responsible intelligent machines, Total Good is contributing to a win in the positive sum game of life.

Our goal is to ensure that the underprivileged have access to state of the art Machine Intelligence technology for free. This will help ensure that social evolutionary dynamics solves the "control problem." The proliferation of machine intelligence "genetic" diversity will ensure that at least some of them will be socially responsible and cooperative. It's these Total Good machines that will survive and propagate themselves as a counter-balance to the self-serving machines among us.